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Selection is the process of discovering the qualifications & characteristics of the job applicant in order to establish their likely suitability for the job position. A good selection requires a methodical approach to the problem of finding the best matched person for the job.

The selection process is based on many parameters in the organization.

Announcement of the job position

When there is a position vacant in the organization, the announcements are done through print media or electronic media that includes Television, Radio or Internet and or by any other means applicable to the position and the location where it is to be advertised.

Acceptance of the application forms

The application forms that are received from various sources are accepted that which are found suitable as per the job experience, address and so on. They get selected when they match all the criteria set by the company. When any of the resume is not matching some minimum requirements of the position, they are screened as per the minimum qualification, knowledge, experience and so on.

Screening process of the candidates

After the acceptance of the applications, the candidates are invited for various screening tests. They are communicated through telephone or emails to brief the candidates with all the necessary details and the position details as well.

The candidates are also selected for written tests as per their knowledge and the number of position available to judge the candidate’s suitability and candidate’s stability in the organization.

HR rounds / Employment face to face interview

The candidates who clear the written tests become eligible for HR rounds of face to face interview. This is basically the final round to get to 70 % clarity in the candidate’s selection process. However, on the basis of the level of confidence, patience, mental fitness this round of selection is cleared. The employees’ mentality, attitude and personality are understood very closely to help take the decision of promoting the candidate to the next level.

Medical process

Finally after the above said processes, medical tests are carried out pertaining to the nature of the job for the candidates who have passed in all the previous tests.

Letter of appointment

After clearance of all the tests, the candidate who passes successfully with all the tests, with all the criteria gets an offer letter and known as the employee now rather than candidate.