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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is a technique to rank jobs in an organization on the basis of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the job. Jobs are representations of the manner in which an organization is resourcing itself in order to achieve its strategy or mission.

Jobs are the building blocks of an organization and the link between an employee and the employer and are designed independent of the person doing the job.

While evaluating a job, the purpose accountabilities of a job are to be well understood. In other words, job evaluation is not the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of a person but the value contribution of the job to the organization, as if it is being performed at the normal level. They are about the facts not judgment, analysis not just lists, jobs and not the people and jobs as they are now.

The elements of job evaluation and description includes

  • Job Purpose
  • Job Context & Major Challenges
  • Principal Accountabilities
  • Organizational Relationships

Other factors that influence the evaluation process are


  • Education
  • Experience
  • Communication
  • Complexity


  • Mental Effort
  • Problem Solving
  • Concentration
  • Soft skills

Working Conditions

  • Mental Demand
  • Physical Effort
  • Visual Demand
  • Equipments


  • Financial Responsibility
  • Supervision
  • Freedom to Act
  • Decision-making
  • Contacts with others
  • Operational Latitude
Relationship factors

Relationship to other jobs

The final step is to benchmark jobs from the jobs that have been evaluated. The benchmark jobs are those jobs that are commonly included in salary surveys. They connect the internal pay structure with the external labor market.