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Corporate Social Responsibility

MyCor takes account of its economic, social and environmental impact in the way it operates as a business. By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our clients, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

MyCor’ CSR Statement covers our approach in dealing with our clients, suppliers and the local community principles in an effort to support reducing our energy, procurement, transport, water use and other business usage to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Effective October 2007, the UK 2006 Companies Act requires that all companies consider not only the interests of their staff, their suppliers and customers, but the community and the environment as well.

For some companies a business review must be produced dictating the company’s policies relating to these interests, as well as the effectiveness of the policies. Larger companies will be required to use key performance indicators to help analyze non-financial information.