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We offer end to end HR solutions, Administrative services, Outsourcing services, statutory compliance. We also conduct surveys to enhance organizational experience.
We are HR Solutions Company with 20 years of experience with multinational companies. We have set up our base at India from where we provide our services worldwide.
  • It is not always possible to take care of everything with utmost minuteness and give attention to multiple tasks that are of varied nature. Where HR is in picture, it is the base of any organization and hence an important part to care for.
  • Hence it is advisable to be given in to such hands who are trained professional who work with the focus only of uplifting the Human resource of any organization.
Our rates are varied with the type of service you want to hire. Please contact us at info@mycor.co.in with your requirement and we will be pleased to answer in the best possible time.
Yes surely. Please visit our jobs section in this site and search your job requirement. Send your resume and your details about your profile and other information. We will contact you after a short analysis.
  • We are a company that takes of all the possible HR nuances like HR Planning, defining Organization structure, Recruitment, Compensation management, Performance Evaluation.
  • We also expertise in administrative services like Total Facility Management, Hospitality Management, Logistics and transportation solutions, Documents Management, Security Management, Employee Health Management.
  • Apart from HR solutions and Administrative services, we also specialize in Outsourcing services and conduct various researches and surveys for the betterment of the organization.
  • Undoubtedly, you will be able to find a positive impact on your Human resources as a first step.
  • Secondly, we report the summaries periodically and communicate with you to make you aware of the status of the work done by us and about your employees as well.
    • There are innumerable/inestimable surveys in the industry. They are conducted periodically as per the real time requirement of the nature of the survey. To name a few, Salary benchmarking, Employee engagement study, Organization culture assessment are some of them.
    • Surveys are the real time information that is gathered. The real time feedback input a great energy in to the HR processes and helps an effective, productive and efficient work force in to the organization with fewer periods than expected.
    • They are the direct connection with the work force and hence you become face to face with the real scenario.
    We have proven methodologies and have accomplished multiple projects in 20 years of experience. It is our consulting and detailing approach that make us one of the best in this industry.
    • We believe that employees do become efficient when managed properly. When psychology is in question, it is a matter of feeling oneness and feeling valued. This lowest of sense is pondered upon and we work to thrive this mentality in to the work force. This works as wonder leading to more honest employees.
    • At the end of the day, it’s all about satisfaction.
    We have established firms set up across various cities and countries to take hold of HR services and other relevant services. We have served industries in India and abroad.