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Design of Organization Structure

Following an extensive and effective HR planning of organization size, various positions and the forecasting, the time comes when they are to be implemented.

The definition of roles and responsibilities, authority, accountability matrix and finally job description comprises of organization structure.

  • Reporting relationship – Defining the relationship of the role.
  • Position Summary – Summarizing the key purpose of the role. It aims at capturing “why the role exists” rather than “what the role does”.
  • Job Responsibilities – This captures main responsibility areas of the role to attain the key deliverables.
  • People Management – Responsibility for leading, motivating and developing staff, excludes supervisory responsibilities.
  • Key Interactions – Identifying both internal (within the Organization but outside the department/function) and External (outside the Organization) are necessary as part of the job to perform the role successfully and effectively.
  • Decision Making – Specifying the type of decisions made independently and with or without company procedures, policies or guidelines.
  • Job description – Job analysis is an attempt to identify the more significant features of a job. The facts developed by a job analyst are summarised in a written document, typically a job description.

Job descriptions in turn provide the necessary information about the relative worth of different jobs within the organization. Therefore, there is a close inter relationship between job analysis and job description.

It is done step by step as dictated below.

  • Identification – This includes the identification of Job title, grade, department and other related stuff.
  • Job summary
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Work Environment
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Relationships to other jobs