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Core Values

At MyCor, we believe that our success is best reflected through the success achieved by our clients and candidates. Our beliefs and values define what we stand for and determine how we work. The hallmark of our approach comprises We accord the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with. Our clients are demanding, their standards are high and so are ours. We honestly represent our clients to candidates and our candidates to clients.

We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We remain committed to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients by adequately understanding their needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to deliver superior services with integrity, trust and appreciation to maintain customer loyalty.


Rotate PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Action) cycle with the possible shortest cycle time


Stretch and achieve one rank up target


Seek new ways to do things and challenge to achieve breakthrough.


Decision making based on overall (customer, group and company) benefits and efficient deployment of resources.


Continuous learning of new knowledge and skill for self – enhancement and company’s growth