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Human Resources Planning

Human Resources Planning is the first and foremost process that is carried out in understanding an organization’s workforce requirements. This includes :-

Organizational Objectives and Strategies.

This is a critical step where one has to be clear with the purpose of making a workforce plan. The identification of the purpose and scope of the total project has to be fulfilled with utmost perception.

Scanning of external environment for changes in affecting workforce supply and analyze internal inventory of HR capabilities and Forecasting.

External and internal assessments of HR needs and supply sources are done and defined. Following that, forecasts are developed to lay out the differences between the HR supply and HR demand (Manpower gap).

Internal Forecasting
  • Staffing Tables
  • Skills inventories
  • Management Inventories
  • Replacement charts
  • Succession planning
External Forecasting
  • Demographic changes
  • Education of workforce
  • Labor mobility
  • Government policies
  • Unemployment rate